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Epoxy Garage Flooring Franklin TN

When you open your Franklin garage door, what do you see first? The garage floor in all its beauty. Our garage flooring eventually appears to be an eye sore because it is one of our home’s most used and neglected rooms.

Unsealed and bare garage floors are practically impossible to clean and are easily covered in dirt, stains, tire marks, and holes. In a mechanical workplace, a car dealership, or a private garage, the performance of a floor is crucial. The floor should be visually stunning and strong, protect the concrete slab below it from damage, and minimize slip-and-fall risks, dusting, and need less upkeep.

Our premium epoxy floor coatings are made to last, and be resistant to cracking, chipping, tire marking, stains, and harsh chemicals, while being visually pleasing and easy to clean.

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Benefits of Using Epoxy for Your Garage Floor

For your Franklin residential or commercial garage, epoxy floor systems can offer many advantages.


Epoxy hardens and thickens to form a finish that adheres to the concrete beneath it. As a result, your concrete floor is bandaged against impacts, surface abrasion, lifting, peeling, and tire marks.

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Acts as a Bandage

Cracks can be present in your Franklin TN workshop floor, but with epoxy flooring, they can be easily repaired before applying the epoxy floor. In addition, epoxy will make your floor more durable to withstand large vehicles and protect it from further harm from large items like work tools or home gym equipment.

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Easy to Clean

Our epoxy floor systems offer a seamless, smooth finish that is non-porous, so liquids cannot seep through the surface and cause unsightly stains. In addition, if the floor is covered with mud, dirt, and dust, none of this will get wedged into cracks or crevices. Due to this, maintaining epoxy flooring is easy, requiring only a mop and some mild detergent.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Raleigh North Carolina

How We Install Epoxy Flooring

The most crucial step in every Franklin epoxy flooring project is preparation. Your new floors will not succeed if the concrete slab is not prepared correctly.

The concrete floor is first mechanically ground to remove all grease, oil, and dirt. Next, all holes and cracks are repaired using an epoxy repair mortar.

These are the necessary actions to guarantee that the epoxy will adhere to the concrete effectively and won’t lift or peel over time. Your new epoxy floor system will survive for many years as a result.

The chosen epoxy floor system is next applied after the completion of the concrete floor preparation. The final finish that has been selected will determine the steps and amount of time needed to accomplish each floor.

Epoxy Garage

Franklin Garage Floor Finishes.

For your Franklin garage floors, we provide three different types of epoxy floor coatings. All three epoxy floor systems are strong, durable, and easy to clean.

Solid Color

Solid color epoxy is the answer if you want a high-end solid color effect that will illuminate even the darkest garage. Choose a light grey color to reflect light around your gloomy Franklin TN garage.

Solid White Epoxy Flooring

Flake Flooring

The most robust multi-layered epoxy floor system available is an epoxy flake. It is water-resistant and UV stable, making it the perfect material for garages that are subject to moisture.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Raleigh North Carolina

Metallic Epoxy

Look no further than metallic epoxy if you want a unique floor that will make everyone envious. Metallic colors used with clear epoxy produce distinctive surfaces that can mimic wood, water, clouds, marble, granite, stone and more.

Epoxy Garage

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Franklin TN.

We provide two types of epoxy coatings for the flooring of your commercial garage in Franklin, Tennessee. Each system is strong, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain whether you own an airplane hangar, auto repair shop, mechanics shop, dealership, or showroom.

Solid Color Epoxy

Choose a light grey hue to reflect any artificial or natural light and make it even easier to operate underneath cars.

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Flake Flooring

Epoxy flake is the strongest decorative multi-layered epoxy floor system on the market. It is UV stable and water-resistant, making it ideal for commercial garages around Franklin TN

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