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Polished Concrete Raleigh

Polished concrete is becoming Raleigh’s trendiest flooring option due to its clean and modern look. 

Concrete is one thing that is available in every single building. In their raw form concrete floors are not the most appealing, but with our one-time cost-effective process, we can turn any concrete slab into a durable, smooth, sustainable, easy to upkeep, and high-luster flooring. 

Polished concrete Raleigh floors are ideal for any environment, from Raleigh’s residential homes, Chapel Hill’s commercial properties to Burlington’s industrial warehouses and facilities.

Our polished concrete floors are created by a multi-step process that starts with mechanically grinding and honing the concrete and then polishing it with diamond discs. Refined cuts are used to get the desired amount of shine and stone exposure.

You can choose from a variety of finishes, depending on your property.

100 grit matte/satin finish ideal for industrial properties.

400 grit low sheen ideal for industrial and commercial properties

800 grit high sheen ideal for commercial properties

3000 grit sheen ideal for residential properties.

Polished Concrete Floor Raleigh

Benefits of Polished Concrete Raleigh Floors

Polished concrete floors can bring a wealth of benefits for your Burlington home or Chapel Hill commercial and industrial property.


We use concrete hardeners when polishing your concrete. This makes your concrete more durable, long-lasting, and less vulnerable to damage. It also prevents concrete dusting and polished concrete flooring systems can last up to 20 years with little maintenance.

Improves Light Reflectivity

With its light reflective properties, decorative polished concrete can increase lighting in any environment. Improved ambient lighting can lower energy consumption, improve safety, and enhance the appearance of your facility. Polished concrete is the floor to choose if you want to present a bright, clean, and professional look in your workplace, restaurant, hotel, shop, or house.

Easy to Clean

With its smooth and glass like surface, dirt, dust, and other allergens cannot penetrate the floor surface. This makes polished concrete extremely easy to clean, requiring only a damp mop and a mild detergent, with occasional floor buffing for extra shine. Polished concrete is one of the few hypoallergenic floor options on Raleigh's floor market.

Concrete Grind and Stained Floors

Do you want to add a splash of color to your Raleigh’s concrete floors? 

This is not a problem for our grind and seal Raleigh floor system. Choose from a range of color dyes that will transform your grey concrete into the centerpiece of your residential or commercial property.

Compared to acid stains, our concrete dyes have a lot smaller color pigments, allowing them to easily penetrate the porous concrete, resulting in great color vibrancy.

Our concrete stain process starts with grinding your concrete to remove any dirt, grime, and stains from it, then applying the color dye and finally sealing the concrete floor with a clear topcoat. 

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